We’re really good at:


Specification, build and integration of technology/tools to enhance marketing capability.


Strategic and tactical planning and production of marketing campaigns across all digital channels.


Creative digital experiences & relationship marketing strategy and execution for customer stakeholders across digital touchpoints.

Introducing our tools and technology

Using technology to make the difference to your digital strategy

Technology is a big part of what we do. It allows us to really understand the market, to quickly find key opportunities, and to give your strategy that competitive edge. As well as investing in market leading third party technology, we invest at least 20% of our profits into our bespoke, in-house tools to make every campaign more efficient and more effective.

Here are just some of the things our technology can do for your digital strategy.


Unparalleled insights into the Google algorithm
  • Identifies algorithmic signals which have the greatest impact on rankings.
  • Highlights changes in Google’s algorithm over time.
  • Pre-empts major algorithmic updates.
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Amalgamating data from the rest of our Stickyeyes tool suite


Intelligently manage on-page relevancy at scale
  • Quantifies on-page relevancy across large keyword sets
  • Identifies opportunities to unlock quick wins through content optimisation
  • Integrates with KIT to identify keywords which are poorly optimised for by the competition
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Crawling webpages returned by SERPs


Unlock quick wins via a data-led approach to keyword strategy
  • Identifies keywords with the greatest short-term potential
  • Pinpoints keywords with the lowest barriers to ranking performance
  • Develops keyword strategies tailored to your market position
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APIs with Google Adwords, Moz, Google Page Rank and SCOT


Accurate data-driven consumer profiling to inform content and targeting.
  • Leverages key data points to map out audience insights and define interests
  • Ensures content matches the audience and distributed where it will have maximum impact
  • Uncovers online behaviours, attitudes and device usage
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Third party data and APIs with Hitwise, Global Web Index, Google Analytics, Experian and ComScore


Intelligently monitors site and link profile health and pro-actively flags issues
  • Assesses link profiles based on more than 70 quality and authenticity signals
  • Analyses key content related signals at site-level, not just the linking URL
  • Integrates data with CRM technology to eliminate risk from future activity
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APIs from third party sources including Dizdip, Moz, Search Metrics and Alexa

Market Defender

Tracks and monitors competitor keyword coverage, ad copy and landing pages.
  • Understand competitor messaging and testing strategy used across the full keyword set
  • Review bidding strategies, understanding day parting and match strategy
  • Brand protection strategy can be easily managed across top brand keywords 24/7.
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Crawling SERPs


Enhances presence in local search through intelligent management, automation & reporting
  • Integrates performance reporting for both standard local search and Google My Business listings
  • Delivers automated audits of third-party platforms to ensure maximum data accuracy and consistency
  • Audits on-page local schema implementation and provides intelligent, automated recommendations
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Crawling Google and platforms associated with Google my Business e.g. Yelp


Optimise performance and unlock cost efficiencies by operating search campaigns in harmony.
  • Automatically adjust bidding strategy as organic performance changes over time
  • Align bidding strategy with your commercial goals; reduce cost or dominate etc.
  • Integrate external performance data in real-time to align with cross-channel KPIs.
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Crawls paid and organic SERPS


Tracks organic rankings across desktop and mobile
  • Accurately tracks rankings across large keyword sets, both desk top and mobile
  • Answer box results are included
  • Identification of how site links differ between different tracked keywords
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Crawling SERPs

URL Monitor

Proactively identifies and resolves issues with key URLs
  • Real-time reporting of changes to URL status codes
  • Be alerted to sudden, unexpected content changes
  • Identifies changes to URL indexation
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Crawling client URLs