Search Visibility

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Making your message discoverable in search

80% of online EU5 physicians visit search engines at least once per week to find information for professional purposes. (Source: Manhattan Research, Taking the Pulse Europe).

In order for Google to surface your content over a competitor’s, yours needs to be more relevant and more useful – it needs to resonate with your audience.  What’s more, it also needs to be hosted on a technically first-class platform and expertly optimised to be found and surfaced by search engines.

In essence, search visibility relies on giving your audience what they want, when they want it, but crucially doing so in a way that search engines recognise.  Your reward for being   visible in search is more audience engagement, more brand awareness, more site traffic and ultimately more conversions.

Using insight gained from our bespoke tools, our strategies reflect you and the results you want to see from your digital investment.  We breakdown and examine your audiences’ user journeys, to find ways of capturing their attention at the various stages, so your message connects and engages.

We then blend organic and paid search techniques to create a comprehensive search engine marketing strategy. which makes your solution visible in the right places to generate traffic, awareness and demand, at the lowest possible cost. Compliancy, local and international regulations are always front of mind, and we tailor our approach to your specific needs.

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