Smarter display and digital advertising

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Reach the healthcare professionals that you want to reach, instead of paying for the ones you don’t. A smarter approach to digital advertising.

Our approach to programmatic advertising and biddable media is all about doing things smarter. We make sure you’re only paying for the audiences that you want to reach.

Our technology, powered by our partners at Cadreon, takes the assumptions out of ad buying. We no longer assume the audience you want is in a particular place, reading a certain type of content. We know that they are.

We can pinpoint which HCPs and HCCs you want to reach, and perfect your message for those audiences. We base this on their demographic profile, content engagement and stage in the user journey.

It means that your message can appear where you want it to appear, and it reaches the right people. It’s more efficient, it’s more engaging and it’s more effective.

Programmatic and Digital Advertisin