Connected audience relationships

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Smarter digital CRM that drives audience intelligence

Our approach to CRM is about building and nurturing the ongoing relationship between you and your audiences.

We develop a sales and marketing communications strategy using our unique audience insights and intelligence about the content your audiences engage with. This process is about ensuring that your solutions are aligned to the problems facing your healthcare professionals or patients today, and unlocking the right conversations at the right time.

66% are more likely to read pharma emails that include educational content. (Taking the Pulse Europe, 2016, Manhattan Research)

 Our approach to CRM looks at the whole customer journey, and the digital channels and touchpoints your audience experiences. Retaining an ongoing dialogue relies on keeping them engaged and putting forward your solutions to their challenges. We look at which content assets are needed to capture their attention on a personal level at every stage, to build that connection with your brand.

CRM Strategy & Management